I tell stories and evoke feelings; Beautiful, soulful and character-driven. Real-life, fictional and branded. To touch people’s hearts and inspire us to be a better version of ourselves.

Pauls Dombrovskis is a Latvian – Canadian filmmaker. Relatable, entertaining and personal. His work often explores human inner mechanics and conditions. He has vast experience in working with kids, babies, elderly people and animals. Speaks four languages and often finds himself in between Canada and Latvia.


Dear Don

A portrait of a wife’s adorable support and selfless love during the husband’s finals days as he battle’s dementia.

Dear Don is a short documentary based on Globe and Mail article about an elderly couple Don and Marg. Don is sick with dementia and is in what can be called the last stages of his life. Marg is taking care of Don as she can, to keep his spirits up and reflects on the life she had with her husband and its unimaginable turns.

Dear Don shines lights on themes of mental illness, care and love, parents’ perception of children and traumas that like a chain weave through generation to generation.

Official selection at Hot Docs 2020