I tell stories and evoke feelings; Beautiful, soulful and character-driven. Real-life, fictional and branded. To touch people’s hearts and inspire us to be a better version of ourselves.

Pauls Dombrovskis is a Latvian – Canadian filmmaker. Relatable, entertaining and personal. His work often explores human inner mechanics and conditions. He has vast experience in working with kids, babies, elderly people and animals. Speaks four languages and often finds himself in between Canada and Latvia.



Latvian Song and Dance festival with more than 40 000 people attending is probably one of the biggest choral and dancing events in the world. It takes place every five years and is hard to describe. But in between a similar event for kids and youth happens. It was supposed to come about last year but the pandemic was pushed to this summer of 2021. After a long and winding road and lots of discussions on different levels, it was decided to make the festival but in a different form. It was my honour to make a film, a time capsule for such an important event in these unique times. The main goal of the organizers was to give the kids as much of possible a feeling of celebration. And so in the film I wanted to reflect on that and put a personal spotlight on the kids. Shooting high-speed wide-angle portrait shots with the participants in almost a street photography style. We could not put down the camera how beautiful it was. What started as a reflection of the festival the film took its own course and started to talk about values in our hearts

LMT Straume
Latvian National Television