I tell stories and evoke feelings; Beautiful, soulful and character-driven. Real-life, fictional and branded. To touch people’s hearts and inspire us to be a better version of ourselves.

Pauls Dombrovskis is a Latvian – Canadian filmmaker. Relatable, entertaining and personal. His work often explores human inner mechanics and conditions. He has vast experience in working with kids, babies, elderly people and animals. Speaks four languages and often finds himself in between Canada and Latvia.



Coming in November 2021 Part of the Latvian Television series Latvian Code – PALAIST which means set free is a short documentary inspired by the Finding Nemo theme; if you love someone you have to be able to let them go. The film is about a brilliant piano player and overall wunderkind Ruslans from the Latvian countryside. To continue his education Ruslan has to move to the big city and be away from his home and family. It is told through his mother Valentina’s eyes as she goes through the difficult and heart-wrenching situation that every mother goes through in their lives of letting their kids go.

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